Patient Reviews

"I searched around forever to find the perfect surgeon and I honestly could not have picked a better one other than Dr. Sillins! She was phenomenal, she made me feel so comfortable and safe. She was very detailed on all she had to say and answered every question I had. I will recommend her a billion times to anyone and I promise they will not be disappointed. Dr. Sillins thank you again for all that you do and for making me feel I was 100% safe."
"She's fantastic. Personable, caring and she listens. I wish she was my PCP as well."
"Everyone in the office is so nice. I searched around for doctors for my procedures and I’m so happy that I chose Dr. Sillins. she is the best. My only regret is that I didn’t do this 10 years ago."
"Everyone in the office is polite and very professional. I have never been treated so nicely at a doctor's office before. As for her surgical abilities, I give her a 10 out of 5 stars! I highly recommend."
"Caring and knowledgeable. Talented doctor and skilled surgeon with an impressive background."
"I picked Dr. Sillins from among hundreds of providers after years of research, and I am pleased to say that I made the right choice. She listens very carefully to what you want, is an incredibly skilled and competent surgeon, and is conscientious about aftercare and addressing your concerns at any stage of your consultation, preoperatively, or postoperatively. She is an amazing surgeon and person."
"I've been seeing Dr. Sillins for nearly two years for hormone replacement. I underwent hysterectomy and ovary removal in 2007 and hormone pellets work more like my own natural hormones than any other method of replacement I've tried--and I've tried them all. I highly recommend Dr. Sillins to anyone who is dealing with hormone issues for any reason.

Not only has Dr. Sillins worked wonders for me with hormone pellets, she performed a tummy tuck, breast reduction and lipo on me four months ago. The surgery went so much better than I anticipated. I'm beyond happy with my results and with the aftercare I've been given by Dr. Sillins and her team. Dr. Sillins is not only a gifted doctor, she is an incredible human being who cares deeply about her patients. You just don't find doctors like her anymore.

I met with at least four plastic surgeons in Ohio and Kentucky before I chose Dr. Sillins to do life and I'm not kidding. I can't imagine having undergone these surgeries with another doctor. Anyone considering plastic surgery, lipo, etc. should definitely shedule a consultation with Dr. Sillins. She is the best :)"
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