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Do you feel like your breasts aren’t ideal or that they have changed over time to be less of what you want? Luckily, there are surgical procedures that can help you transform the breasts you have into the ones you’ve always wanted. Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that we offer at Rejuvene Plastic Surgery in Hebron, KY, to help women achieve their ideal breasts. We also offer breast lifts, implant removal, breast reduction, and implant replacements with gel implants or Sientra gummy bear implants.


Breast augmentation procedures are extremely customizable. Once you decide that you want to improve the appearance of your breasts with surgical implants, you’ll be able to choose the type, size, and shape of that implant as well as the incision location. We customize every procedure down to the very last detail to help our patients have the best experience and outcome.

Choosing Your Implant

Sientra Gummy Bear implants

We offer Sientra Gummy Bear implants which are stable and cohesive implants with a specialized gel that enables them to hold their shape over time. Sientra Gummy Bear implants typically last longer than standard gel implants, has the lowest rupture rate, and look and feel more natural than most implants.

Gel Implants

Gel implants are typically filled with silicone gel inside a silicone shell and have always been a popular option for women who want to undergo breast augmentation. Gel implants are designed to feel like human fat, which helps them look and feel natural.

Choosing the Incision Location

Dr. Sillins can make different types of incisions during this surgical procedure to insert your chosen implant. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and she will provide you with details about each during your consultation. Because each patient is unique and has a specific body type and certain goals about how they want their implants to look, Dr. Sillins will determine the best surgical techniques during your initial consultation.

There are four primary incision locations, and one may better suit some patients over others. The most common incision location is the inframammary fold since it allows for the most precision, but there are several options, including:

  • Inframammary Fold: the most common incision location beneath the breast where it meets the chest
  • Periareolar: a half-moon shaped incision is made around the nipple
  • Transaxillary: the incision is made near the armpit
  • Transumbilical: the incision is made through the belly button

Who Is a Candidate?

The best candidates for breast augmentation are women in good health who aren’t happy with the general appearance of their breasts, including the shape, size, and symmetry, or you simply want larger breasts, you may be a good candidate for this procedure.

Other Breast Surgeries

Implant Removal

If you have a breast augmentation that you’re not happy with, or you just don’t want implants anymore, our expert surgeon Dr. Sillins can design an implant removal procedure that’s right for you.

Some women need to remove implants for health reasons; others are tired of them or aren’t happy with a previous surgeon’s work. Whatever the case, we offer implant removal here at our office so that you can reach your aesthetic goals and live your life with breasts that you love.

Implant Replacements

Implants do not last forever and should be replaced if you have a rupture, deformity, or capsular contracture. Implant replacements can help ensure that you have the best quality implant and augmentation. If you have breast implants and need replacements, Dr. Sillins will meet with you to discuss your current implants and how to replace them with new implants.

Implant replacements allow patients to make any desired changes in their breast implants, including the size, shape, or type of implant that they want to switch to. You can choose from Sientra gummy bear implants or gel implants.

Breast Lifts

Many women choose to add a breast lift to their augmentation. A breast augmentation will increase the size and improve the shape and proportion of your breasts, but it won’t lift them higher up on the chest wall or position the nipple correctly, that’s where breast lifts come in. Breast lifts are procedures that move the breasts higher on the chest wall to address sagging or droopy nipples resulting from skin laxity, pregnancy and nursing, as well as the aging process.

This procedure aims to help women reach their aesthetic goals, combat the effects of aging, and achieve more youthful-looking breasts. Breast lifts can also be performed as standalone procedures for women who don’t necessarily want or need implants but want to reposition their breasts to make them more aesthetically pleasing.

Who Is a Candidate?

The best candidates for breast lifts are women who are healthy and plan on maintaining a healthy and consistent weight. Candidates should be non-smokers and want to address sagging breasts to achieve a more youthful-looking appearance. If you have downward pointed nipples, you may benefit from a breast lift. 

Breast Reduction

We also offer breast reduction, which is a surgical procedure specifically designed for women who want to reduce the size of their breasts. Genetics often causes women to develop large breasts that aren’t proportional to their bodies, leading to discomfort and chronic pain.

Additionally, pregnancy and weight gain can also cause the breasts to increase in size, and that extra weight from larger breasts can cause back pain, shoulder pain, and general discomfort. Breast reduction is a surgical procedure designed to contour the breasts by removing excess skin, fat, and tissue from the area to make them more symmetrical and more proportional.

Who Is a Candidate?

If you’re tired of dealing with chronic back or neck pain, constantly have bra strap indentations on your shoulders or skin irritation between and around the breasts, or have trouble breathing because of the weight of your breasts, you may be a good candidate for a breast reduction. Additionally, if your large breasts are drawing unwanted attention or causing self-image issues, this procedure can change that and help you feel more confident in your appearance.

Achieve Your Ideal Breasts

If you want to change the appearance of your breasts with an implant, breast reduction, lift, implant replacements, implant removal, or anything in between, our experts will customize a procedure to help you achieve your ideal breasts. We can meet your unique needs and help you achieve breasts that look beautiful and make you feel more confident about your appearance. Contact us today to schedule your consultation. 

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