Breast Augmentation Surgery for Cincinnati & NKY

Genetics or natural changes in your body can leave you with breasts that are too small or lack definition. You may feel that your breasts fail to provide you with the feminine curves you desire. Whether you lack fullness, volume, or an attractive shape, a breast augmentation by Dr. Sillins can help!

Using implants, breast augmentation can enhance the size and shape of your breasts to create a balanced and voluptuous aesthetic.

Breast Implants

Mentor Breast Implants for Beautiful Results 

Dr. Sillins uses Mentor Breast Implants, the first company to offer patients a limited warranty on all breast implants.

The preferred implant is the Mentor Memory Gel Breast Implants. These implants are filled with a proprietary softer cohesive gel that resembles the natural feel of breast tissue.

These FDA approved breast implants are available in a smooth shell and a variety of profiles. Profile refers to the amount of forward projections of the implant off the chest wall.  Higher profile implants create a more prominent silhouette than a lower profile breast implant.


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