Though aging is a beautiful and natural process, many people often consider skin tightening treatments to eliminate signs of aging and achieve a more natural, youthful glow to their face. Undergoing treatments like these not only improve skin texture and radiance but also restore self-confidence in many men and women.

At REJUVENE, we understand exactly how important it is to look good and feel great in your own skin. That’s why we are proud to offer our Silhouette Instalift procedure for anyone looking for a non-surgical way to lift the features of the face, achieving a more refreshed and structured look to the face. If you’re wondering if this procedure is right for you, check out our FAQ below:

What Is Silhouette Instalift®?

Advanced technology brings Silhouette Instalift to our office. This special thread lift procedure is a non-surgical, in-office treatment that uses dissolving thread sutures to reduce the appearance of aging skin. These threads can be applied to areas of the face, or to the jawline area to redefine or sharpen the lower half of the face. Because this procedure is non-invasive, many patients prefer the Silhouette Instalift over surgical facelifts which require a more invasive surgical technique and more downtime. The long-lasting results of Silhouette Instalifts make the procedure worth it for many patients.

How Does the Silhouette Instalift® Work?

Cleared by the FDA, the Silhouette Instalift technique provides an immediate facelift effect on the patient’s face. In addition, the technique is also aimed at prompting the existing skin to produce more collagen, creating a regenerative effect to achieve more natural-looking results.

Silhouette Instalift works by placing dissolvable threads and absorbable cones just underneath the first layer of the skin on areas where lifting is needed. Depending on their placement, the threads will work to lift, reshape, and sometimes contour the face or jaw area. This technique helps to erase fine lines, wrinkles, frown lines, sagginess, and more. No cutting or incisions are needed during this procedure, and the entire treatment can last up to 45 minutes.

Is This Procedure Painful?

Because this procedure involves the insertion of threads into the skin, a patient may feel slight discomfort or pulling at the injection site, however, local anesthesia is often provided to help patients feel at ease and comfortable during their procedure.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Silhouette Instalift®?

It is typically recommended that candidates for the Silhouette Instalift are in overall good health and skin quality. It helps to have strong underlying facial features. If you are a patient who has a skin infection or trouble healing from wounds, this procedure may not be right for you.

Are There Any Side Effects with Silhouette Instalift®?

Though the Silhouette Instalift procedure is non-invasive and FDA-approved, you may still experience some side effects post-treatment, which our team is happy to discuss with you in detail at your consultation. Possible side effects from Silhouette Instalifts include bruising, soreness, redness, swelling, asymmetry, and at times, infection at the injection site. However, with proper care and attention, these side effects can be easily managed and avoided.

What Are the Benefits of Silhouette Instalift®?

In addition to providing a natural-looking lifted effect to the face, eliminating signs of aging, and getting rid of wrinkles, perhaps the number one benefit of the Silhouette Instalift is the way the treatment stimulates collagen. This encourages the natural production of additional collagen in the skin which can result in smoother, improved skin texture, firmness, and appearance once a patient is fully healed. Stimulating collagen can also prevent the development of additional wrinkles or fine lines over time. The Silhouette Instalift can also contour the face or jaw area when placed strategically, creating a sharper, more structured face shape. In comparison to traditional facelifts, the Silhouette Instalift does not require incisions to the face.

How Long Is the Recovery Process?

Most patients can expect a full recovery in two weeks. After two full weeks, patients may return to their normal face-washing routines and will not have to worry about their facial movements after this period. Any post-procedure discomfort should disappear at this time as well. We always recommend following aftercare instructions for optimized results.

How Long Will My Results Last?

Results will last for twelve months at the least, but many patients have noticed their lifted looks lasting for up to two years. After this time, patients can schedule another consultation to determine whether an additional Silhouette Instalift is recommended at that time.

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