Dr. Deborah Sillins of Rejuvene Plastic Surgery brings a unique quality to the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati area.

She is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who is highly trained by some of the top Beverly Hills plastic surgeons and has extensive experience in the world of plastic surgery.

Whether it is a simple 'nip or tuck' or a complete body or facial transformation, Dr. Deborah Sillins offers her expertise to meet your desires.

Plastic Surgery Options After Massive Weight Loss:

Plastic surgery after weight loss typically involves multiple procedures that are performed over the course of several visits.

Many post bariatric patients secures the services of Rejuvene Plastic Surgery because of the acclaim and success of Dr. Deborah Sillins in carrying out all of these surgeries.

A circumferential body lift is often an initial procedure that addresses the abdomen, lower and middle back, outer thighs, buttocks, groin, and pubic area all in one operation.

Neck lift, tummy tuck, arm lift, inner thigh lift, and breast lift are also plastic surgery procedures used after weight loss. Each of these treatments serves to remove excess skin and reshape the areas.

Plastic Surgery is often unavoidable in the recovery from obesity, because the skin has been stretch to its limits, lost the elasticity, thus needing to be removed.

Sculpting a New You After Massive Weight Loss:

Modern bariatric surgical procedures, serves as a good way to lose weight. Once the majority of the fat has been eliminated, excess skin remains. The excess skin is aesthetically unpleasing in appearance. Choosing plastic surgery after major weight loss can help with their appearance and feel better about themselves.

At Rejuvene Plastic Surgery, Dr. Deborah Sillins offers her wide ranging expertise in plastic surgery to those from around the world facing life after a major weight loss. With her help, patients can finally rid themselves of the last vestiges of obesity and get on with the next exciting phase of their life.


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