Permanent Makeup Makeup is the most common aesthetic tool used worldwide and nearly every day for some people. Makeup is a fantastic way to express yourself and boost your confidence. However, makeup routines can be time-consuming, costly, and require learning a skill. That’s why permanent makeup exists to make your cosmetic routine easier. Let’s explore the different benefits of permanent makeup so you can decide if it’s right for you.

What Is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup can take a couple of different forms. However, all methods of permanent makeup consist of applying pigment inside the skin. This is often done on the eyebrows, lips, or eyeliner. Permanent makeup is a form of tattoo that makes it look like makeup has been applied to a treated area. How long the permanent makeup lasts depends on the depth and method of application.

Benefits of Permanent Makeup

Long-Term Savings

Makeup, especially quality makeup, can be very expensive. This is especially true because makeup has to be reapplied every day, makeup can expire, and you’ll eventually run out. Thankfully, permanent makeup does not have the same continuous cost. While you will have to pay a higher up-front cost, you’re likely going to save money in the long run if you use makeup every day.

Easier Makeup Routine

Makeup is a multistep process that is different for each person. Permanent makeup can take away the need for some of those steps. This will speed up your daily makeup routine. Also, your permanent makeup will even be there on days you decide not to wear makeup.

Can Help Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is when a part of your skin is pigmented differently than the rest of your body. Permanent makeup can help hide this pigmentation by applying the “tattoo” over it. This helps it blend into the skin better and assists it in being concealed.

Is Permanent Makeup Right for Me?

Only you can decide if permanent makeup is right for you. However, if you want an easier, cheaper, and streamlined makeup routine, then permanent makeup is for you. Our staff at Rejuvene Plastic Surgery provides permanent makeup through micro blading and would love to walk you through the entire process. If you’re considering permanent makeup, then contact our team with Rejuvene Plastic Surgery at 859-429-3333 today.

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