breast-reduction While modern beauty standards might suggest that bigger is better, there are plenty of reasons women undergo breast reduction surgery. Reduction mammaplasty, the medical term for breast reduction, involves removing excess breast skin, fat, and glandular tissue to create the preferred chest size.

Choosing any sort of breast enhancement or reduction procedure is an incredibly personal process. Dr. Deborah Sillins discusses this regularly with her patients. But the medical procedure can offer patients both physical and psychological benefits—from reduced back pain to improved self-confidence. Here are five common reasons women choose breast reduction:

1. Pain and Discomfort

Large breasts can lead to neck and shoulder strain and regular headaches. A bigger chest might also cause upper back pain due to poor posture. Discomfort and pain are the most significant motivating factors in the decision to undergo breast reduction surgery, as the procedure offers long-term relief from these painful symptoms.

2. Aesthetics

Every woman deserves to feel beautiful in her own skin, but a large chest does not work for all body proportions. Breast reduction can help improve their overall appearance and self-confidence while creating more balanced proportions and curves.

3. Mobility

Larger chests can impact how a woman quite literally moves through her life. Exercise or other athletic activities can be more challenging with a larger chest, and many patients report feeling like their breasts hold them back from a more active lifestyle.

4. Self-Esteem

Larger breasts are not always a confidence booster. Many women feel they stand out too much or attract unwanted attention in social settings due to their chest size. A smaller bust can help a woman feel like she can “blend in” while feeling more confident at the same time.

5. Comfort

Some choose breast reduction surgery purely for comfort purposes. From pinching bra straps to trouble getting comfortable at night, a smaller bust can make it easier to live (and sleep) in comfort.

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