Life Changing Neck Lift

A neck lift, also referred to as Neck Contouring Surgery, can enhance a person’s overall appearance by creating a smooth and graceful neckline. A neck lift can create a sense of refinement by helping patients achieve a naturally beautiful neckline, and can also create a firmer and smoother appearance of the neck which helps the patient look years younger. The result also helps to create a balanced look to the features of the face. This procedure may also provide a better defined jawline which acts as a beautiful frame for the face. The results are long-lasting and will age gracefully with the patient. A neck lift procedure performed by the highly skilled and experienced Dr. Deborah Sillins of Rejuvene in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, can improve the visible signs of aging that are created by the following conditions:

>Excess fatty deposits
>Jowls created by skin relaxation
>Loosed neck skin
>Abnormal contours created by muscle banding
>A “turkey neck”
>Double chin
>Excess wrinkling

Many patients have lost the youthful neck contours due to a variety of uncontrollable circumstances. Often, the upper facial appearance remains pleasing, but the appearance is offset by the visible aging characteristics. A patient is a good candidate for neck lift surgery when problems in their neck make the them look older than their face would otherwise indicate. The surgeon will correct these problems with the utmost comfort of the patient in mind.


Good candidates for neck lift surgery are:

>Healthy individuals with no medical conditions that would result in problems with the healing process.
>Individuals with realistic expectations and a positive attitude.
>Individuals who understand the recovery process


Neck lift surgery is usually performed as an outpatient procedure, with either a local anesthesia, or general anesthesia if the patient wishes to be asleep during the surgery. Dr. Sillins will discuss the anesthesia with the patient before surgery to ensure that their level of comfort is respected.

During the procedure, the surgeon will make an incision starting from in front of the earlobe to behind the ear into the posterior hair line. Another incision is made under the chin to gain access to the muscle and fat under the chin. Using these incisions, excess fat and skin can be removed and the muscle will be tightened, to give you that young smooth neck. The surgery can take from 2 to 4 hours depending upon the amount of work needed to achieve your best results.


The recovery time for a neck lift procedure depends on the patient and the extent of the surgery. Generally, the patient can resume normal daily activities and return to work after two weeks. This period of time will allow the bruising and swelling to subside. A feeling of tightness could remain for several months. The patient’s head must be elevated above the heart to minimize swelling. Twisting and turning of the head should not occur. A bandage may be placed around the neck and face to control swelling and bruising.

The Dr. Sillins of Rejuvene will provide the patient with complete, detailed instructions to follow during recovery and for aftercare including how to prevent infections.

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