Life Changing Lift

Dr. Sillins of Rejuvene is a Beverly Hills trained cosmetic surgeon who specializes in Face Lifts and all facial rejuvenation surgery. The expertise and dedication of Dr. Sillins and her professional staff have led to the satisfaction of many facial plastic surgery patients. In addition to exceptional results, we are dedicated to patient comfort and understanding to all of our clients in the Cincinnati Ohio Tri-State area. Please read about the facelift procedures below to better understand your facelift options.

Why Choose Life Changing Lift?

Dr. Sillins is a highly trained, skilled Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, that offers you a lifetime of knowledge and skill to restore your beauty. Ones outward appearance is so important today since we are living longer and longer. It is a generation of how you look. To get ahead in life, to get a job, to advance in a company, ones appearance plays a significant role in the advancement of your life.

The face communicates emotion, expression, and personality. With time, however, facial skin and features begin to show the signs of aging. Lines and wrinkles set in. Skin sags and loosens. Fatty deposits form around the eyes and jowls. A person’s energy and creativity may be masked by a generally fatigued, unhappy look. A Life Changing Lift is an excellent way to reverse the signs of aging, revealing a more natural expressive you. A Facelift is often performed in conjunction with a Cheek Lift to restore the natural facial curves of youth.

Rejuvene specializes in Facial Plastic Surgery, yielding age-defying and natural facelift results. Patients are urged to contact the Rejuvene Plastic Surgery office in Cincinnati for a consultation.

Common Misconceptions About Facelift Surgery

The purpose of a facelift is not to improve skin texture or smooth out wrinkles. Simply stretching out the skin to rid it of lines looks unnatural and alters facial features by stretching and flattening them. Instead, a facelift is meant to tighten the underlying tissues in order to restore facial structures. Some trimming and tightening of the skin texture, does occur in a facelift, but the effect is intended to be subtle and natural looking. For improvement in skin texture, procedures such as dermabrasion, injectable fillers, or chemical peel can be combined with a facelift (or used in isolation).

In addition, a facelift is not meant to treat all areas of the face. The nose, for example, is altered with a different procedure called Rhinoplasty. Similarly, the eyes and forehead are best served with procedures designed specifically for them. Dr. Sillins evaluates your face as if it is divided in thirds (Upper Eyelids and above are the top third, Lower Lids and Cheeks are the middle, and the corner of the mouth through the neck are at the bottom). Facelift is mostly only beneficial for the bottom third. The middle section requires a cheek lift and the upper a brow lift or blepharoplasty for maximum rejuvenation. Prospective patients for a facelift should contact Dr. Sillins about combining some of these facial plastic surgery procedures.

There are also a number of fears about scarring, an “operated” look, and the risks involved with facelift surgery. While any surgical procedure entails risks, a facelift is generally considered to be a safe procedure. In terms of aesthetic complications, new techniques have made it easier to limit and hide scars and to produce naturallooking results.

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