Life Changing Cheek Lift and Lower Lids

The lower lids and cheek are an interrelated facial unit and must often be approached together surgically. The lower lids become stretched and lengthened as the cheek tissues slide downward toward the nose and mouth. Without the need for visible incisions, fullness of the cheeks can be restored and the tired appearance of the lower lids can be eliminated. Patients often feel that this single procedure does more to restore their youthfulness than any other single technique.

A Life Changing Cheek Lift or midfacelift is a procedure to combat the effects that aging has on the cheeks and lower eyelids. As people age, the fat that forms the structure of the face drifts downward. Fat deposits that used to sit on the cheekbones when we were younger now falls towards the nose and mouth. This results in flatter cheeks and deeper folds around the nose and mouth. It can even push tissues down over the corners of the mouth, contributing a sad or angry look. Furthermore, this drifting of the structures in the cheeks often stretches the lower eyelids, making them appear sunken or tired. The cheek lift relieves the skin of the weight of the sagging fat and put it back in position to actually support the skin. Through incisions above the gumline in the mouth and in the scalp, the fat is pulled upwards underneath the skin, and sutured into place on the cheekbones. The skin of the cheeks and lower eyelids no longer feels the weight, and springs back into place. The skin of the lower eyelids can then be resurfaced with a deep chemical peel to remove fine wrinkles and promote new collagen. The beauty of the cheek lift is that is it more conservative than a facelift but has more effective results in the important midface region.

A cheek lift can be performed in conjunction with a brow lift, blepharoplasty, facelift, or neck lift by Dr. Sillins to address these problem areas as well.

Candidates for a Cheek Lift

Effects of aging that a cheek lift is likely to be able to improve include:
● Creases around the nose and mouth that have grown progressively deeper
● Cheeks that have become flatter
● A sunken appearance of the skin under the eyelid region
● Downturned skin at the corners of the mouth
● Indentations in the upper cheeks

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Typical cheek lift patients are thirty years old and up, although heredity, exposure to the sun, and dramatic changes in weight are all factors in facial appearance. Please contact Rejuvene for a consultation with Dr. Sillins to see if you are a cheek lif tcandidate or to learn more about other facial plastic surgery techniques.

Cheek Lift FAQs

Q: How does a Life Changing Cheek Lift help when I’m already having a facelift?
A: A facelift mostly affects the lower portion of the face and neck. It does not significantly improve the flattening cheeks for the sagging skin around the nose and corners of the mouth. That is the specific purpose of a cheek lift.

Q: Will the fact that I have had cosmetic facial surgery be obvious to others?
A: A cheek lift gives the face a refreshed look without visible incisions. Because the change is not distorting, friends and acquaintances are more likely to perceive you as happier or more energetic than they are to suspect surgery.

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