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The age of modern medicine keeps us living longer and feeling younger, but the effects of gravity and the damaging sun makes us look old. One can look in the mirror and see sagging upper eyelid skin, hanging jowls and excess skin of the neck – giving us an old and tired appearance. Many of us want to look as good as we feel! Also, restoring the beauty of the face can also help you put a smile back on your face and regain your confidence. With the help of board certified plastic surgeon, Beverly hills trained Dr. Sillins can help put that smile back on your face and put your best face forward with confidence. Rejuvene offers two office locations in the Tri-State area for cosmetic surgery face procedures and consultations in Cincinnati Ohio and Hebron Kentucky.

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A facelift replaces the cheek pad to its normal position and removes the jowls and excess skin of the face, creating a youthful natural appearance.

Forehead/Brow Lift

A brow lift is meant to raise the brows back to their youthful position. The procedure will help remove some of the excess skin of the upper eyelid and can open up the eyes and give you a brighter, more youthful look again. Brow lifts can help remove the sad, angry appearance that results from aging and can also smooth out forehead lines, and the lines between the brows. LEARN MORE


A Blepharoplasty is the removal of excess skin from the upper eye lid. This procedure can help open up the eyes and give you a rested look and a more youthful appearance to the face.

Cheek Lift and Lower Lids

Lower eyelid surgery is usually performed at the same time. Most of the time we not only have excess skin in the upper eyelid, but also in the lower eyelid. If you have puffy, tired looking eyes, then you most likely need the lower eyelid skin removal as well. If you look in the mirror and see your mid face sliding downward toward your mouth, giving you a hollow, aged look, then a cheek lift is for you.

A cheek lift would restore the cheek pad back up into the normal, youthful position again. This will not only rejuvenate the face but give you those high cheek bones back.


If you have excess skin of the neck, or that turkey gobbler appearance of the neck, then a neck lift may be a good option for you. A neck lift would tighten the appearance of the skin and provide a smooth appearance to the neck and jaw line.

Liposuction of the neck

If you have just some excess fat under your chin or along the jaw line, then liposuction alone may help that. Liposuction of the neck would give you a smoother appearance and enhance the jaw line, giving you better balance to the face.


Rhinoplasty is a good procedure to help create balance to the face. If you have a large bulbous tip, a long nose, or a hump on the nose, then Rhinoplasty may be a good option for you. This procedure would bring more harmony to the face and give you a better profile.

Lip Enhancement

If you wish to have larger, more youthful lips, Dr. Sillins of Rejuvene has several options to offer you. Fillers can enhance the lips and get rid of the fine lines. A permanent lip implant would enhance the lips and you would not have to keep gong back every 4-5 months for fillers. Learn more about Lip Enhancement procedures.

Chin Implants

A Chin implant is a great option for giving more projection to the chin and elongating the jaw line. If you feel your chin is weak and looks like it is becoming part of your neck, then a chin implant may be a great option for you, as it may give better balance to your face and provide a better profile.

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