Breast Reduction

Rejuvene offers many cosmetic surgery options for breast augmentation and breast enhancement. Dr. Sillins of Rejuvene also performs breast reduction surgery as well. Many women suffer with large breasts, which can cause back and neck pain. Women can develop shoulder strap grooves and even rashes under their breast requiring medication. They can prevent one to be able to play sports or even exercise. Even in the absence of such medical complaints, larger breasts can cause a self image problem – especially if they are too large for her frame. The breast reduction procedure consists of making incisions on the breast as aesthetically minimal as possible, and the excess fat and breast tissue are then removed. The skin envelope is then tightened and the breast reshaped to a more youthful and comfortable breast.

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Rejuvene offers many breast related cosmetic surgery procedures in Cincinnati Ohio, such as breast reduction. To learn more about our cosmetic surgery options, please contact Rejuvene today. We have offices in Cincinnati Ohio and Hebron Kentucky to better serve you.