Looking for a Plastic Surgeon? Here’s what you need to know:

If you are considering plastic surgery, don’t overlook the importance of finding a great, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Using these tips, you can research your potential Plastic Surgeons and the procedure your interested. Keep in mind that the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) certifies Plastic Surgeons. This means they are uniquely qualified and highly trained to provide the best patient care with the lowest rates of complications. Don’t be misled by other professional sounding boards certification. (The ABPS is the only certifying organization for plastic surgeons that is recognized American Board of Medical Specialties ABMS).

A doctor who is certified by the ABPS will have met the following extensive requirements:

>They have a medical degree from an accredited school of medicine;
>They have completed a 3-year general surgery training program;
>They have completed 2 or 3 years of supervised residency in plastic surgery;
>They have had a minimum of 2 years of professional practice; and
>They have passed rigorous and extensive oral and written exams. (30 percent of the doctors who take the test fail it).

You can determine if a plastic surgeon is board certified by checking with American Board Of Medical Specialties website.

Bear in mind that it is important to have a Plastic Surgeon who is board certified, because legally any doctor can perform any type of plastic surgery.

A Plastic Surgeon must have hospital privileges. If they don’t, then consider this a red flag. Hospitals provide further checks on the doctors who practice in the hospitals, and they are very aware of the doctor’s record in patient care. If a patient experiences complications during or immediately after surgery, then having hospital privileges will become important.

When you develop a list of potential Plastic Surgeons, check their record with the Ohio Medical Board to find out if the doctors have been the subject of investigations or disciplinary actions. Check http://www.med.ohio.gov.
You can also check http://www1.plasticsurgery.org/ebusiness4/PatientConsumers/findasurgeon.aspx.

Next, visit with the Plastic Surgeons you are considering.

  1. Do they answer your questions in a patient manner, or do they seem to rush you? If you sense any irritation with their questions, then move on to your next potential Plastic Surgeon.
  2. Are they forthcoming about their experience and the number of surgeries they have performed that are like the surgery you are considering?
  3. Are the office staff and the medical assistants professional and courteous?
  4. Do you have confidence in the plastic surgeon?

While you may not have learned enough to say you do, you may have learned enough to know that you do not have the confidence you need.

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