Information About Breast Reduction And Why People May Need The Procedure

Rejuvene performs breast reduction surgery for women and men. Dr. Deborah Sillins has extensive training and experience in creating beautiful breasts for women by surgically removing the excess tissue in abnormally large breasts that create many problems in their life.

Large breasts can cause a variety of problems, like putting a strain on the area where the ribs, shoulder blades and nerves come through a narrow triangular passage. This causes the shoulders to roll forward which in turn compresses nerve fibers, and this results in pain. Over time, women may reach a significant discomfort level.

The breast reduction surgery for women has positive psychological aspects. Women experience a profound impact on how they physically look and also how they feel. Large breasts can make it difficult for women to exercise – and exercising can improve mental and physical health. Some women have trouble sleeping. Many women lack confidence in social settings. Even intimacy can be difficult. Women also find it difficult to buy properly fitting clothing.

A study published in the journal Plastic & Reconstructive surgery found that women reported many areas of improvement following breast reduction surgery; headaches lessened and breathing difficulties subsided (as did musculoskeletal pain). Stares and negative comments also decreased, and intimacy was more easily achieved.

Dr. Sillins of Rejuvene in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky can create a more aesthetically pleasing breast appearance by creating a contour that is proportioned to a woman’s body. Breast symmetry will be improved and sagging will be eliminated. Nipples will be returned to a more youthful position. This all means that Rejuvene can tailor unique breasts to fit the patient’s needs and wishes.

The Cincinnati Breast Reduction Specialists

If you have been considering a plastic surgery procedure, please contact Dr. Deborah Sillins of Rejuvene, with offices in Cincinnati Ohio and Hebron Kentucky, to set up a consultation.