How To Choose The Right Size Breast Implants

If you are contemplating breast augmentation surgery, the best way to choose the size of the breast implants is to think about the look you want to achieve and how this look will affect the overall appearance of your body. The proportion of your breast size to the size of your body is an important element to consider. A top-heavy appearance may not be satisfying over the long term. The relationship of the size of your breasts to your body is something that the Dr. Sillins of Rejuvene in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky can help you consider.

Rejuvene offers before and after pictures – which is always good place to start. You may find a specific look appealing to discuss with your doctor. You can look for patients that have a similar height, weight and body frame as you have. The preoperative breast cup size is another consideration. We can advise you on whether a specific look can be achieved for you, or reasons why it may not be feasible. To help, we will make measurements that are guidelines for some of the recommendations we make while considering the look you want. Together, we want to make sure that your chest will be able to accommodate the implants you have chosen.

Once we have an idea about how we can achieve your goals and optimal look, we will make recommendations based on tissue laxity, your breast width and how these will support your goal or whether we need to look at alternative options. There is no right answer that works across the board for every patient –each patient is different. The best choice for a breast implant is a size that is compatible with the patient’s breast dimensions and their breast laxity.

Think about bringing your partner to the consultation with our Dr. Sillins. This can be a tremendous help in making this important decision that will impact not only your appearance but your life as well.

The Cincinnati Breast Implant Specialists

If you have been considering a plastic surgery procedure like breast augmentation or breast enhancement, please contact Dr. Deborah Sillins of Rejuvene, with offices in Cincinnati Ohio and Hebron Kentucky, to set up a consultation.