Cosmetic Surgery For Men – What Do They Get And Why?

The primary reasons why men have Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery are to compete better in the dating world and the job market. The pressure to be physically appealing to potential romantic partners is also an important consideration. Our society places a huge emphasis on youth. This means that looking more youthful may attract more partners, but it also may make a man more appealing to businesses that are hiring people that look young, if they are not young. The business world places a high degree of importance on the youthful and attractive appearance of its public representatives.

The most common cosmetic surgery procedures men choose are nose restructuring, face lifts, eyelid surgery, breast reductions and liposuction. Many men believe that can achieve a distinct look by these anti-aging surgical procedures. Breast reduction surgery and nipple reconstruction is a frequent cosmetic surgery procedure that men have. Tightening neck skin to eliminate the “turkey neck” appearance is also frequently requested.

Often, men will have surgery to achieve a more balanced look to their mouth. This involves making the upper lip appear fuller. The mouth to cheek lines can also be a problem for some men. Cheeks that have a sunken look can be filled out. Some men look for a more attractive jawline resembling those of male Hollywood stars.

Physical problems can also cause men to seek cosmetic surgery. Drooping eyelids and puffiness around the eyes are not only unattractive, but keep in mind, these problems can affect the range of vision.

Although many cosmetic surgery techniques are available to men, the reason for wanting these procedures should be balanced against their ability to go through the recovery period. Dr. Deborah Sillins of Rejuvene, with offices in Cincinnati Ohio and Hebron Kentucky can discuss your wish to have cosmetic surgery. Together, you will discuss the possible results and the procedures in detail. Rejuvene’s objective is to recommend surgery only after we have discussed thoroughly all of the procedures and assessed your physical capability to have surgery.

Rejuvene Specializes in Cosmetic Surgery For Men

If you are a man considering a plastic surgery procedure, please contact Dr. Deborah Sillins of Rejuvene Plastic Surgery, with offices in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, to request your consultation.