Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery is a successful way to relieve the neck and pain caused by large breasts. In fact, there are many other problems caused by this condition that is also known as Macromastia. Pain in the upper body and numbness and tingling of the hands are other frequent problems that can be eliminated by breast reduction surgery. Often, patients will experience improved self-esteem and a better social life when people no longer focus on the large breasts, but instead, the entire person. The psychological improvement is often one of the best benefits of this surgery.

Dr. Deborah Sillins of Rejuvene in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky is highly experienced in breast reduction surgery. Dr. Sillins will evaluate the patient to determine the amount of breast tissue that should be removed, and the amount varies with the size of the patient. Less tissue is removed from smaller-framed women because the size of the breast after surgery should be proportionally smaller, but the cup size will be correct for the woman’s size and body structure. However, each patient should discuss their desired cup size with the surgeon who will perform the procedure. Dr. Sillins of Rejuvene will do her best to create the cup size that the patient wants.

The patient’s overall health will be evaluated, and patients who have a history of lumps in the breasts are usually not considered to be good candidates for this surgery. However, Dr. Sillins will discuss your specific condition before surgery is considered as a viable procedure you.

Breast reduction surgery can usually be performed as an outpatient procedure, although your surgeon may determine that an overnight stay is beneficial to the patient. The recovery from breast reduction procedures usually does not pose a problem and it generally requires only a few weeks of rest and time off of work while avoiding strenuous exercise. Depending on the type of reduction, the patient may have a scar, but the scar usually heals nicely.

The Cincinnati Breast Reduction Specialists

If you have been considering a plastic surgery procedure like breast reduction, please contact Dr. Deborah Sillins of Rejuvene, with offices in Cincinnati Ohio and Hebron Kentucky, to set up a consultation.